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Greetings From Elgin
Greetings From Elgin (1975)

Each year, The Elgin Area Historic Society hosts an Annual Cemetery Walk at Bluff City Cemetery.  Here's me portraying Department Store owner Theodore F. Swan.

I have long resisted placing an "About Me" page on this site - it seemed rather vain.  However, everything that I know about web site construction and everything that I have read states that if a web site doesn't disclose information about the webmaster, the reader has no way of determining if the site is accurate and credible.

I (James McDunn) hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Television Production from Columbia College Chicago and a Master of Arts Degree in Media from Northeastern Illinois University.  I am currently pursing a Doctorate Degree in Instructional Technology from Northern Illinois University.  

I am a Media Instructor for School District U-46 (Elgin) as well as teaching Speech at many of the Community Colleges in the Chicago-land area, Elgin Community College being one.  

As of January of 2005, I have been elected to sit on the Board of Directors of the Elgin Area Historical Society.  

While I have previously stated it, I think it deserves repeating.  The research contained on this site was derived from the writings of such esteemed authors as Hazel Belle Perry (Courier News), Jim and Wynette Edwards (Elgin, Illinois) and through the help of members from The  Elgin Area Historic Society and The Gifford Park Association..  However, if it wasn't for the tireless researching of E.C. (Mike) Alft, this site would not exist.  You can visit Mr. Alft's site at: Elginhistory.com

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